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Created in 1948, by Eugene Estrin, Eugene Photography was, and is, the answer to those photographic clients who desire unparalleled artistry, excellence, and commitment to personal service. Now driven by the creative passion of Eugene’s son, LarryLarry, the studio utilizes technology to enhance, rather than replace the original vision of how a photography studio should serve its clients. In addition,Larry, as an active practitioner of strength training and yoga, believes that being physically fit allows him to maintain a consistantly high level of performance for his clients, not just while covering an event, but also overseeing all areas of post production.
This type of dedication results not only in creating beautiful, sensitive, and cherished images but also in a desire to “think outside the box”. Having still photography working with video coverage is a noteworthy example of this thinking. As one of the first photography studios in the United States to incorporate in-house video production (in 1973), Eugene Photography continues to create outstanding images of all sorts that document the “Moments Of Your Life”.

2013BOW_VendorProfile_Gold_70x70SPECIAL NOTE: Recently, local brides have, yet again, voted Larry and his associates one of The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” picks, citing the studio’s extreme customer orientation as well as great photography! Call Eugene Photography today to see if your date is still available.


The documentation of one of the most important days of your life is much more than simply taking pictures as the day unfolds. It involves a thorough understanding and appreciation of the event to the extent that “decisive moments” are anticipated and thus not missed. Equally important is a complete technical mastery of the medium so that obstacles such as poor lighting situations or religious restriction are easily overcome with positive results. In addition, there should also be expertise of how to photograph people looking their best, even in a candid photograph. All of these attributes, as well as creativity and artistry beyond anyone’s expectations, are what Eugene Photography has always been known for. Check out our client reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and The Knot (as well as our testimonial page) to see what our clients have to say about us!

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